English Language Class

The English language is essential for future students particularly in the field of modern technology. The overall aim of English Language Class is to develop capabilities to:


Examples of English Language Class content:

Grammar exercises:
If-clauses, reported speech, modal auxiliaries, adverbial and defining phrases, technical terms…

Interpretations and summaries of novels as well as listening comprehensions and translations:
Inexperience by Frank Touhy, Examination day by Henry Slesar, The Pedestrian by Ray Bradbury…

Also discussions about common society topics such as:
Politics and Government, ecology and economics, work and unemployment…

Personal Opinion:

The learning atmosphere at English Language Class is very lively because of the frequently discussions about current and interesting topics. Also the grammar exercises are a great improve for every students language skills. Reading novels or watching movies and the following analyses of the content is a good contrast to the usual lesson.